Our Maiden Voyage

Our maiden voyage was in a very special place, hosted by Esmond and Danielle Lyons in their 200 year old converted church.

posted August 5, 2017 by Hui Cox

We are working simultaneously on 2 CD recording projects.  One of the projects is what we consider new American Jazz standards. Really fun discovering great tunes and finding our way with them. The second project is the blues!

The blues project/music escapes the boundaries of time and crosses genres. As a guitarist depending on which type of instrument I play sort of defines the genre. If I play my hollow bodied guitar – it is considered jazz, acoustic steel string – we could play the Newport Folk Festival and if I’m strapped into my Telecaster – we are rocking a rhythm and blues club or festival. One song and the guitar has a huge part in defining the style or genre. It is all sound.

The cool and amazing thing is Laura’s voice fits any of the styles with ease.

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